A white noise app or my current favourite https://coffitivity.com/

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Thanks for all the insightful pointers and support!

Over-ear headphone make me “sea-sick” but now that AirPods have that feature I really get why it’s so helpful.

I recently got some Loop earplugs which just bring the db down and filter out some background. With those in I can better participate in conversations and activities in the home where there is often a lot of things competing for my attention (excited kid, partner chat, stove fan, barking dogs, neighbors, sirens, fridge beep, etc, etc, etc). I’ve found it helpful in keeping me in a task and lengthening my short fuse in that kind of environment.

And as anther commenter noted, white noise can be super helpful for that sound filtering. I’m using the Endel app a lot this year and really enjoy the options to curate a soundscape according to my goal (relax and focus are my go-tos).

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