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Iā€™m recently diagnosed at 51 & my rabbit hole has reached the centre of the earth!! Epic validation and answers everything....still having light bulb moments. Self diagnosis is valid and diagnosis confirms what you already knew.

Thank you for this advice, support and validation

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To be honest with you, I never thought about having ADHD until a curator started to suspect it. Now it all make sense. šŸ˜

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Thanks Rach, great info.

The Catch 22 with seeking a diagnosis is of course making the appointment and/or completing the paperwork. I asked my GP last year for an alternative route to diagnosis under the NHS Right To Choose, as current waiting times for NHS clinics are 4 years or more.

He gave me a template letter to complete and return but, with no space to fill in my details, I thought I would need to copy it out in full. That meant it got shelved for when I felt up to it, which in turn meant it got mislaid & my wife then found it for me in a safe place she occasionally transfers my piles of clutter to.

So now, over 6 months later, Iā€™m still no further forward, but at least I know where the letter is. For the time being.

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Hi Rach, I'm 56 and just on the waiting list for an assessment after also bring diagnosed with BPD last October. I know there is an overlap with some symptoms, but I'm now wondering if I was misdiagnosed with BPD. When I first began to look into my symptoms I felt they were BPD related. However, since researching more about ADHD, I feel I was misdiagnosed, but until I get an assessment I won't know for sure. Hearing about waiting times doesn't fill me with hope. I went to a SEED talk on ADHD in women last night and the doctor that gave the talk said one woman was told 9 years šŸ˜±šŸ˜±

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