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ADHD monthly round-up across all social platforms 

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ADHD’ers! I’ve noticed that there are many conversations on ADHD taking place across many different social platforms. I’ve decided to start a monthly round-up of ADHD related topics across social platforms to keep you all in the loop.

  1. Reddit: ADHD and Sleep

ADHD and difficulties falling asleep has been a hot topic over the last month on Twitter, Reddit and Podcasts. ADHDers have trouble falling trouble asleep due to insomnia, restless sleep and our overactive ADHD brains. I came across a thread on Reddit on ADHD and sleep. I learned about Delayed Sleep-Phase Disorder (DSPD) from reading this thread and a common sleep medication used by ADHDers, melatonin.

  1. Mashable: Everything you thought you knew about ADHD is wrong by Jess Joho

“A huge part of the stigma comes from how ADHD is an invisible disorder. Often, people with ADHD learn to hide, manage, or internalize their symptoms so it’s hard for others to pick up on their neurogolical difficulties - especially for those who aren’t visibly hyperative.”

  1. Facebook: ADHD and Cooking

Many of us ADHDers find it difficult to get going with cooking because it requires time, effort and attention. I really struggle with cooking! Grabbing the ingredients, seasoning the food, cooking, cleaning and then eating requires so much effort and energy. But a girl’s gotta eat! I came across a post in Tracy Otsuka’s FB group ‘ADHD for Smart Ass Women’ on cooking. The conversation was centred around difficulties following recipes and alternative options to cooking. Members shared some useful workarounds like using notecards to write down recipes, meal planning and subscribing to a meal delivery service.

You need to request to join the group to view the post but I’m happy to continue the conversation on Twitter @AdultingADHD.

  1. Twitter: ADHD and being a workaholic

Late nights, early mornings, overpromising, and a need to deliver. Does this sound like you? I completely throw myself into work as an ‘all or nothing’ person. I’ve become a workaholic, and I’ve found it difficult to find an off button. When I enter hyperfocus mode, there’s no stopping me. I asked fellow ADHD’ers on Twitter whether they felt like they themselves were workaholics. One ADHDer responded with “Some ADHDers self medicate with workaholism.” I FELT THAT

That’s it from the monthly round-up, see you next month ADHDers!

Rach, with ADHD.