My feature in the NY Times on ADHD

Hey friends!

If you haven’t already seen… 🥁 🥁 🥁🥁

I have been featured in the New York Times, and my picture made the cover of the article!! Read it here.

The NY Times article briefly touches on my diagnosis journey and also features some of my favorite ADHD social media creators. Many of those ADHD advocates have helped me during my diagnosis journey.

To be honest, I sort of panicked when I knew this article was definitely going to come out. I hadn’t disclosed my ADHD to my manager or anyone else at work - so many thoughts raced through my mind. I thought, What if someone at work saw the article? Could this affect my ability to get a promotion? Would they look at or treat me differently?

I decided to tell my manager just before the article came out. She was very understanding and seemed a little surprised. I shared the article with her when it was published and she was very interested in learning more about my ADHD and asked a bunch of questions, it warmed my heart! She also asked whether there were any adjustments she could make to accommodate my ADHD.

Now that my face and my real name are out in the article, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I can be myself, and live out my truth. Well, try to!

I hope you enjoy the article!

Neurodivergent working professionals

I mentioned in my previous newsletter that I started a discord channel for Neurodivergent working professionals. Initially, the channel was only open to UK professionals. This was because I wanted to make sure that there was a set structure and we were able to manage the flow of information.

I’m now opening up the channel to ND working professionals across the world. If you’re reading this newsletter, you have early access before I announce it to my Twitter following in a few weeks or so.

The link expires in 7 days! If you’re unable to access the link, please contact @NDProfessionals on Twitter.

Speak with you all soon!

Rach, with ADHD.